Success Stories

I was introduced to USANA about 3 months ago. I had gotten to a place where I was slowly gaining weight and no matter how hard I tried, the weight wouldn’t come off. USANA Reset program changed all that! I tried USANA for a number of reasons. Not only did I want to lose weight but, I wanted my energy back and overall health to improve. I started to have a number of health issues from severely swollen ankles to achy knees every time I ran. I was tired of being a prisoner in my own body and I knew something had to be done. When I first heard about USANA I had my reservations. How could a low glycemic diet make a difference in my health? Little did I know that it was the cure for all my ailments. I started with the RESET program and saw results instantly. The weight started to come off, my energy level increased and overall health started to improve. The first few days of the program were a challenge but I had a great sponsor by my side. After the 5 days I had lost 4 lbs.! I was hooked! I continued on through phase one of the program to see if I could lose any more weight. Not only did I lose more weight but, I achieved my goal weight and then some! I have learned so much through this process from a better way of eating clean to understanding what my body is trying to tell me. I now have lost 13 lbs. and have 2 more to go but I know the goal is achievable through USANA.

Kim Jordan

Coach Judi has helped me tremendously over the last 3 years to find success in reducing not only my weight, but more importantly by helping me discover the root causes of my obesity – stress, attitude, and bad habits. I have learned through her programs how to optimally eat and exercise for good health as well as valuable information on how the body works and reacts to a healthy lifestyle. I am confident that by continuing to tweak and put into action what works for me, will help me live a longer, happier life. I would never be where I am today without Judi’s knowledge and guidance.

Jeannie WilliamsIBM Senior Program Manager

I just wanted to let you know how incredible I feel today. For the first time in a long time I feel good, my body feels good, I’m not tired and sluggish. My body isn’t in nearly as much pain as it was just 1 week ago.  I am 36 years old and I felt like my body was 66. My back hurt and my feet would hurt so bad I could barely walk sometimes. My right hip would hurt all the time. The thought of exercising was exhausting because my body had no energy. Now I feel like I can exercise, in fact I want to go work out because I actually have energy and my body isn’t aching anymore. I can feel that my blood sugar has stabilized. The best part… I’m only 6 days in. If I can feel this much of a difference now… imagine the health I can create for myself in 3 months, 6 months, a year down the road. Thank you Judi for coming into my life at the exact moment I needed it and for sharing your healthy wisdom with me.

Jennifer ThakkarRichmond Virginia