Savvy Moms Want to Know!!

Do you, as a savvy mom, ever find yourself asking these questions?

  • Why does my family seem to be sick a lot, especially my kids?
  • How long will my kids have to live with these allergies?
  • Should we really be eating organic, and what about gluten and dairy?
  • And then there is the vaccination question that keeps coming up: Are they really safe for my child?

Today’s savvy moms are asking these and other questions centered on keeping their families healthy and progressing forward. (I should say “savvy parents” but realistically moms make most of the health and diet decisions for the family!)

About 14 years ago as a nurse (and a mom myself), I started learning about the health risks of refined carbohydrates (like white flour and processed foods). I was blown away by what I discovered and I honestly felt somewhat betrayed! I naively kept thinking, “Good grief, I work in a medical teaching hospital. If this was all really that big a risk, I would know about it.” As I began to dig deeper, I was shocked at the solid science that was out there that confirmed it — YES indeed, refined carbohydrates was associated with increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and a whole host of other diseases and health problems! All I could think was – why didn’t anybody tell me that in nursing school?? Why wasn’t this reaching the people that it could help the most like you, me and the experts we consult for our health questions?

Honestly, I have always been someone that wants to give people the benefit of the doubt, but as I have investigated answers to the questions that all moms ask, I am alarmed and concerned over the information that the public is given – and not given!  At times I even get downright angry! Unfortunately, many well-meaning and well-educated medical professionals are also being pulled in by wolves in sheep’s clothing. People should be given the facts, the full truth and then decide for themselves regarding these issues.

What are the answers?  I could write pages and pages of answers, but instead I want to direct you to a new documentary called “BOUGHT – The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma & Your Food” that is free online until March 6,2015. I watched it and felt strongly compelled to share it with everyone that is interested in learning more about these topics. I encourage you to take the time to view it and share this link with your friends:

I’m suggesting that you watch the entire film, not because I want you to believe a certain way, but because I feel like it is well done and presents information that will help everyone to make informed decisions — not only for yourself, but for your children and families.

I’d love to hear your comments on our truehealthmatters Facebook page. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at As always, hoping your day is blessed with happiness and health.

Lee Austin, RN, AADP

Lee a co-founder of TrueHealthMatters and a practicing Certified Health Coach living in Virginia

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15 tips to survive and thrive during the holidays

This blog was written for “What’s Up, USANA?” by Camille Fletcher. It was so great, I had to pass it on. Enjoy!

They’re heeeeeeeeerrrrreeee. I’m not talking poltergeists. I’m talking the holidays, people, which, if we’re being honest, can sometimes cause as much dread as a poltergeist. Here are 15 tips to help you survive the season and make it to January in one piece!

Put the Smackdown on Stress
Family, shopping, a mile-long to-do list — holidays can be, shall we say, trying? And stress can have us feeling grinchy and grabbing for comfort foods (or “insert your vice here”) in the blink of an eye.

  1. Check your expectations and simplify. Do you really need to go all out on the house decorations and the 7-course formal dinner? Delegate. Potluck. Takeout. Skip the mall and shop online. If your family agrees, skip shopping altogether and donate to the True Health Foundation instead.
  2. In stressful moments, try mindfulness exercises — just focus on your breath and your body for 30 seconds — and connect with how great and wonderful all these crazy things are. Consciously detach from the drama. Escape to the bathroom for a breather.
  3. Do something daily to care for yourself. Suggestions: Exercise. Smile and laugh (Jim Gaffigan always helps). Get a massage. Take a nap. Make and listen to music playlists that help you get in the right mindset (upbeat tunes for cheering up or calming sounds for mellowing out).
  4. Drink a Rev3 Energy Drink or Surge pack. The rhodiola and ginseng can help keep your energy levels up in stressful situations.

Make a Party Plan

If you’re watching calories, knowing how you’re going to handle a food situation will help you have more control and less guilt.

  1. Determine what the most important indulgences are, and skip those you don’t love. If you can’t pass up mashed potatoes, maybe you don’t eat a roll with butter.
  2. Negotiate with yourself. Tell yourself you can have the pumpkin pie, but first you will eat a plate of salad or fruit. Drink that glass of wine, but only after you’ve had a glass of water first. Who knows? Maybe tying an indulgence to a healthy choice will help activate the reward system in your brain for eating healthier.
  3. Don’t get too hungry or all the willpower goes out the window. Facing a bonanza of food temptations at dinner? Eat a Protein Snack (I’m partial to the Fudge Delight myself) or drink some juice with Fibergy® Plus a couple hours before your meal, so you’re not voraciously out of control.

Keep These USANA® Products On Hand

On top of your daily Essentials™ and Vitamin D (very important this time of year), a number of USANA products can come in handy during the holidays to help you keep your health in tip-top shape.*

1. Keep some Active Calcium™ Chewable accessible. It works wonders as an antacid.*

2. Looking forward to a big glass of eggnog? Maybe a few? Take some Hepasil DTX, so your liver is ready to handle whatever you throw at it.*

3. Traveling over the river and through the woods? Pack some Pure Rest to help you sleep — Probiotic and Booster C 600 wouldn’t hurt either. New environments and lots of people equal immunity challenges that can leave you feeling less-than-festive.*

Connection and Compassion
If you have lots of people around you, this may not apply. But if, like me, you’re single this time of year, it can seem like everyone else is surrounded by loved ones and you’re the only one who is feeling a tad lonely.

1. First, accept and be nice to yourself. Take solace in the knowledge that many people are experiencing the same thing; it’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you — it’s OK and you’re OK. Have compassion for yourself. Try a Metta Meditation.

2. If you want to get out, check or community events listings for something to do. If you don’t, nobody will judge you for having a Downton Abbey TV watchathon — sometimes distraction is the best coping mechanism!

3. Donate your time to the less fortunate. Find local volunteer opportunities through sites such as Volunteers of America.

4. Go to church, if you’re so inclined.

5. Make an effort once a day to connect with someone. If you think about it, you probably know someone else who might be struggling. Focus on helping that person feel better. You will automatically feel better too.

I definitely plan to try these tips myself this year, and I hope that something here helps you, too. I wish you a healthy, happy, poltergeist-free holiday season!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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